Saturday, 3 November 2012

Night Patrol in Singapore- Day one

Last night I decided to go on a night patrol around the area where I live in Lavender street in Singapore, taking an advantage from the safe life here, just like when the soldiers used to do a night patrol in Baghdad's neighbourhoods, carrying my rifle (camera) to document the night life in the safest places in the whole world.
 I went out after midnight walking for almost two hours,  I was a bit hesitant but I just had to push myself that I should do it. the street was quite and empty despite it was Saturday night, my first shot was something I like a cat!, which was a good start.
A cat crosses an empty street in Laveder area after midnight,
a bicycle near a tree, I like the light here
young people hangout in a cafe while a woman checking her mobile.

A man sitting alone in a narrow alley checking his mobile phone while smoking a cigarette, I took few shots from faraway and kept walking.
I passed by a Buddhist temple which was still open for prayers.
candles lit outside the temple
A man taking his chihuahua for a walk

A man sitting alone in a restaurant
a loud music coming out from this place but I could not see any people outside so I kept walking

I have reached to the main street

A couple with a suitcase waiting to cross the street

people waiting for a night bus at the bus station

people checking their phones as they wait for the night bus.

Bicycles parked outside a building

A woman standing outside, near a bar

two men checking their phones

Mustafa shopping center in Little India

the same still checking his phone on my way back

the same bus station with different people

Bicycles parked outside a church

I have enjoyed this walk and I hope to get better shots next time.

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  1. I like your photograph . Its look so nice and i love that . Btw what camera do you use and what lenses? Great smile from indonesia :) thanks