Saturday, 20 July 2013

Life Goes on So As the Bombings

As I was making my daily phone call from Singapore to my family in Baghdad to make sure they are ok ( no bombings), and  to let them I am ok ( not sick, or having normal problem), two car bombs exploded near our neighbourhood, it interrupted my conversation with my mother, my mom's voice tuned so worried she said "there are bombings, then mortars", she does not know what's going on, mortars, bombings, at that moment I felt I have never left my house in Baghdad, and it did not seem that more than 10 years have passed since the war has started, it did not make any difference for me being in a peaceful Singapore for more than three years, may be I got far from home physically but being attached to my family and my home, it won't change anything to me
The US troops have left more than a year ago, Bush had gone and Obama second terms is going to end , time pass by, life goes on for the rest of the world on different  levels while in Iraq, the bombings are the only things that are still going on daily, non stop, the killers are anonymous, Iraq story became old, the world got busy with other new stories, some of them are even quite trivial, no international  committee, like the UN, questions seriously the events in Iraq, who is doing that? why? and try to put an end.

More Iraqis are fleeing the country everyday, that could be part of the plan and one of the reasons for  all this continuous violence. I miss my old country,  I think everyday of going back and join my family there and accept the fate of possible death by a bomb, but I do not miss hearing the sounds of the bombings, feeling insecure everywhere we go, thinking a bomb going to explode at any minute and anywhere . I wish I can bring my family to Singapore to live all together safely. All what we could do is  to keep praying, hoping for Iraq to be a safe country like other countries.
below are some of the pictures I took .